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Affordable Health Insurance in San Diego

Affordable Health Insurance in San Diego

Affordable Health Insurance in San Diego


Finding affordable health insurance in San Diego has become a bigger and bigger challenge for individuals and business owners this year.  Luckily, in Southern California, prices are only expected to raise less than 2% in 2016.

At Lanni Insurance of California, we work hard to present our clients with plans that are affordable and comprehensive for their specific situation and needs.  We are appointed with all the major carriers in California both privately and through Covered CA and the Affordable Health Care Act, so we can quote and present every plan at every range with every company or we can only present quotes that meet certain criteria you select based on premium, providers you need to see, and more.

Affordable Health Insurance in San Diego

We make finding a health insurance plan painless and efficient by taking all the pressure off of you and giving you the benefit of our daily expertise in the field, our general agency experts, and best of all our services to you in finding the best plans at the lowest prices are free.  Having our services as an agent – even if you already have a plan you like and list us as your agent so we can help take any inquiry work off your shoulders – is all at no cost to you.

Contact us today to appoint us as your health insurance agent and to let us help you pick the best plan for your family or business.  We look forward to helping you!  760-815-7563 or

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San Diego Health Insurance 760-815-7563

Affordable Health Insurance in San Diego


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Affordable Health Insurance in San Diego

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