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Brush Insurance in San Diego California

Brush Insurance in San Diego California

Brush Insurance in San Diego California

Brush Insurance in San Diego California   760-815-7563  Lanni Insurance provides Brush Insurance in San Diego, California at low rates for high quality coverage.  760-815-7563 or  Call today for a Fast, Free Quote on Brush Home Insurance anywhere in California.  Place your California brush home with the experts.

Many if not all of the cities and zip codes in California have brush zones within them or overlapping part of their borders.  This places residents’ homes in these high brush zones (as designated by fire maps and insurance companies.)  If you are one of the thousands to hundreds of thousands of customers throughout California who own or are buying a home in a brush zone, what do you need to know?

Being in a Brush Zone doesn’t necessarily mean that your home is in a place that is likelier to have a fire.


That’s right.  There is a lot of controversy over brush zone lines so many homes that are considered in brush zones are now in fully developed areas and often surrounded by multiple fire stations, hydrants, and miles of developed land.

The maps the insurance companies have are years outdated so they may not take into account new development and fire fighting features that surround your home.

Due to this, the brush zone lines and designations are constantly changing and being updated.  So one month you may be in a brush zone and a few months later you may be in less of a brush zone or no brush zone at all.

Brush zone home insurance in California is an ever-changing landscape, and you need someone looking after your home who specializes in keeping up to date on California brush zones and writes multiple brush homes every day.

That’s where we come in, at Lanni Insurance our brush home experience  spans the entire state of California.  It’s what we do, we think better than anyone else.

So call Lanni Insurance of California today at 760-815-7563 or and let the brush insurance experts provide you with a free, fast, comprehensive quote for your brush home.  We look forward to helping you.

Brush Insurance in San Diego California

Brushfire Homeowners Insurance

Brush Insurance in San Diego, California

Brush Insurance in San Diego California

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Brush Insurance in San Diego California

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