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Brush Zone Home Insurance California


New Home & Brush Zone Specialists

When we call ourselves New Home and Brush Zone homeowners insurance specialists, we mean specialists. We have home clients stretching up throughout the entire state of California, from San Diego to Los Angeles, Riverside, San Francisco and the Bay Area.  Our clients own homes in wildfire zones throughout the state. We have dealt with everything from high value mansions to rural homes that you won’t find on a map.  No home is too challenging for Lanni Insurance.


We can help if your home has any of these special qualifications:

  • Wildfire Zone

  • Proximity to Brush

  • Hazard Area

  • Slope

  • SHIA Zone

  • Proximity to Canyon

  • Much More


At Lanni Insurance, we are passionate about protecting your home and family when you need it most, and offering comprehensive California brush zone insurance is just one way that we’re able to keep your peace of mind at the forefront of our business. It’s not only our years of experience in the region that have earned us the trust of so many California homeowners; it’s also our dedication to offering rates, services and policies that outpace nearly anything else you’ll find in the state. Plus, we’re able to handle everything from small homes to sprawling estates, from beach to urban to rural areas, so you can rest assured that you’re in the most capable hands.

Don’t get stranded in the frustrating territory of expensive bank-provided homeowners insurance policies, declinations of insurance coverage due to high brush score, or risk unpaid claims by going with a questionable company. Indulge in the ultimate sigh of relief and reach out to the experts at Lanni Insurance of California right now. We’ll help you find the perfect brush zone homeowners insurance policy for your property.


Need To Close Escrow Quickly?

If you’ve been dropped and are without home insurance, if you’re in a hurry, or just want to make sure your escrow closes without a hitch, then call us!

We have insured many homes whose buyers have called us an hour before their escrow is set to close. These buyers are frantic because they have been dropped by a carrier they thought had accepted them months ahead of time. They did their part and were failed by being placed with the wrong company – but we can help!

If you do your part to make sure your escrow closes, we will do ours by placing you as quickly and efficiently as possible with the right company for your home.

What If I’ve Been Dropped By My Current Insurance Company?

In California, many homeowners and new home buyers are being dropped, non-renewed, or declined when they try to purchase home or condo insurance. We are insuring these clients every day – often at premiums that are lower than what they were previously paying.  Call us – we can help!

Is My Home Safe If It’s In A High Brush Zone?

Some of the new home buyers we’ve heard from worry that because the home they are buying is in a brush zone, the home is in a dangerous area. This is often not the case.

Of course, no one can predict what will happen in a wildfire but many of the brush, slope and wildfire maps in California are older and do not reflect recent development, roads, landscaping, or new fire stations and fire hydrants that have been more recently added.

Many insurance companies still refer to these outdated maps. Meaning you can live in or be thinking of purchasing a safe home that is still considered by multiple insurance companies to be a bad risk because they are looking at outdated material.

Give yourself the best options by checking with us – we have a long list of carriers who may be perfect for your homes specific set of parameters.  If you only check one place with a non-expert you may be missing out!  We check many companies for you and often get our customers lower rates, higher limits, more comprehensive coverage, and much more.



High Brush Zone Or Wildfire Home Insurance?

At Lanni Insurance, we are looking to keep our valued customers FOR LIFE. And that means that our friendly team does all of our homework ahead of time instead of having you purchase a policy that is just going to cancel in a month. By doing this we save our clients expensive fees, valuable time, and unnecessary stress and hassle by doing the work for them!

If an agent does not do this homework ahead of time, it may result in the client being dropped by their carrier in a month or two and subject to resulting fees and losses that can add up to hundreds or even thousands of dollars. To protect our clients from this we never give someone a ‘yes’ or accept a payment until we have checked and rechecked their acceptance with our carriers and their underwriters directly.

On top of that, we have so much experience with the high brush zones throughout the state of California that just by looking at an address or zip code we can often tell which carrier will accept the home or if another agent has given them a premature go-ahead that will just result in frustration for the client later.

What States Can You Insure Homes In?

We can insure homes throughout the entire state of California. We are not licensed to insure homes in other states.

Are Your Carriers A-Rated?

At any given time most to all of our carriers are A-Rated and admitted in the state of California.

What Does “Admitted” Mean?

Admitted means that the state insures your insurance carrier. This way, if for some catastrophic reason your carrier does not have enough money to pay for your claim, the state of California will reimburse you.

We highly recommend looking for the word “admitted” included in your home insurance quotes and if possible going with an admitted company.  Your home is a valuable asset and you want it protected as fully as possible.

My lender or developer says he can take care of my home insurance.

Often when you purchase a new home, your lending bank, developer, or builder will try to put you with their home insurance program. This can be a substandard, often out of state or non-admitted carrier that may cost many times the rate of an insurance-only company.

Lanni Insurance represents world-class companies that have some of the most competitive rates available! Clients who switch to us from their bank-owned home insurance policies are almost always VERY HAPPY they did!! We can often offer better rates, better service, a first-class company, and coverage that is higher and more thorough than other companies!

Call Lanni Insurance of California today to see how we can help you the way we’ve helped so many other Californians!

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