California Fair Plan Companion Policy Escondido

California Fair Plan Companion Policy Escondido

At Lanni Insurance, we have heard from many customers in Escondido that they are being dropped from their current company and have to purchase Fair Plan policies in order to obtain home insurance coverage on their home. The Fair Plan is a policy which is available to all homeowners in the State of California regardless of brush fire score, but only provides coverage for a limited number of risks. While it can cover fire, smoke, internal explosion and other perils, it cannot cover certain perils such as water, theft, and personal liability. In order to get coverage for those perils not included in the California Fair Plan, homeowners need to purchase a Companion policy.

A Companion policy, also known as a Difference In Conditions or Wraparound policy covers those perils that the Fair Plan doesn’t. This way, should you have to purchase a Fair Plan policy, you could also purchase a companion policy in order to get coverage as close to a standard homeowners insurance policy as possible. While some coverage varies, typically a companion policy will offer coverage for theft, water, and personal liability while the Fair Plan will cover fire, smoke, internal explosion and other stated perils.

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If you are in Escondido and need a California Fair Plan and a California Fair Plan Companion policy, contact us today if you want to complete your Fair Plan coverage or if you have questions on the Fair Plan itself as we can also offer Fair Plan policies if that is your only option for coverage. We are also able to offer multi-line discounts on some of our companion policies such as Auto and Umbrella insurance discounts, so please feel free to ask for information on that as well.

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