California Fair Plan

California Fair Plan

At Lanni Insurance we work with clients in all areas and regions of California, including clients that have homes in areas of California that are not insurable. Homes can be hard to insure for a variety of reasons such as age of the home, multiple claims, but the most common reason is that the home is in a brush area or is adjacent to an area considered to be brush. These homes are sometimes referred to as being in high-brush zones, wildfire zones, or SHIA zones.

While we do look for other options for these types of homes, sometimes the only option is a California Fair Plan policy. The Fair Plan is a pool of insurers that can provide coverage to most homes in California, especially those in brush fire areas, wildfire areas, or high brush zones.

The Fair Plan is considered a ‘last resort’ option that only covers specific perils such as fire, lightning, smoke, and other perils that you can add to the policy. It does not cover all perils such as theft or liability, but we are able to offer a separate ‘companion’ policy that can offer that coverage for you.

If you are in a hard to insure or high brush or wildfire area, we can help. We check with multiple carriers to find the best fit for you, and if not other options are available we do offer the California Fair Plan so you can make sure your home does not go uninsured, be it a primary home or a rental/investment property. Please feel free to reach out for any further details and questions.

Send us an email or give us a call today, or (760)815-7563. We look forward to hearing from you!


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