California Home Insurance

ca homeowners insurance

California Home Insurance

California Home Insurance

California Home Insurance  760-815-7563  Buy California home insurance at Lanni Insurance of California.  If you are considering buying a home in California whether you are moving from another state, another country, or just looking to purchase a new home for rental or as your primary home, then it’s important to have a personal agent that knows your home, your situation, and whom you can trust for excellent, expedient service, and to look out for your interests.  At Lanni Insurance of California, we are those agents.  We have hundreds of homeowner insurance clients throughout the entire state of California and we have expertise in the fields of new home insurance, brush area insurance, dog liability insurance, and much more.  Call us today to get a free home insurance quote for your California home.

We are the California experts!

– Lanni Insurance of California knows the brush zones of California and we are appointed with dozens of A-rated companies that are waiting to insure your California home.

– We write home insurance throughout the entire state!

– Write most other forms of California insurance as well!

Excellent coverage, excellent service!

– Have a personal agent who works for YOU not the insurance companies!

– Fast, friendly service – so get your quote, and your policy in as little as 10 minutes!

– We do our homework ahead of time to place your California home insurance policy with the best company for you!  By doing this we save our clients time, stress, and money!

All other types of insurance as well!

– Auto, health, life, business, workers’ comp, & more!

– Recreational vehicles, boat, yacht, & motorcycle!

– Rental property, Vacation Home, Landlord policies, & more!

Get the most by combining policies for discounts and ease!

California Home Insurance

Call today for a free California home insurance quote  from Lanni Insurance of California!  760-815-7563 or  We look forward to helping you the way we help hundreds of other California homeowners, realtors, and more!

California Home Insurance


Homeowners Insurance CA
California Home Insurance


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California Home Insurance