California Workers Compensation Insurance

California Workers Compensation Insurance

California Workers Compensation Insurance with Lanni Insurance of California is an affordable, well-covered, money saving for your California business!  Whether you are a restaurant owner, retail store owner, or just about any other type of business owner in California – cover your employees against on the job injury, and protect your business income from a lawsuit, with California workers compensation insurance from Lanni Insurance of California!

We specialize in commercial insurance and workers compensation insurance in California and we have the happy clients to prove it!  Our clients are new and seasoned successful business owners.  They know the value of good coverage and the value of a dollar.  They know that at Lanni Insurance, we do too!  We pride ourselves on getting the best California Workers Compensation insurance coverage for our clients at the best prices!

Call today and combine your business insurance policy with your California Workers Compensation Insurance policy to get the best value for your business.  We offer more discounts than any other company in California.  It’s no wonder, we place our clients with the number one commercial insurer in California!  See what everyone else is raving about!

Call Lanni Insurance of California today to see what so many other California business owners love about California Workers Compensation Insurance with Lanni Insurance!  760-815-7563 or


David & Lauren Lanni

Lanni Insurance of California


Workers Compensation Insurance CA
California Workers Compensation insurance


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