Lanni Insurance is located where Carlsbad meets San Elijo Hills.  We insure many of the brush homes and non brush homes in Carlsbad and the surrounding areas.  As a coastal city, Carlsbad, California sits in the middle of California chaparral which has led to a designation of many of its neighborhoods as high brush zones or high wildfire risk areas.  Because of this, many Carlsbad homeowners will need to look specifically for Carlsbad brush insurance when looking to insure a new home.  Likewise, some Carlsbad residents who have owned their homes for years will find themselves dropped by their current insurance companies for being in a brush area as the brush designations change and as insurance carriers update and change their own brush zone requirements.  Each home insurance company is different and has its own set of underwriting guidelines that determine whether a home’s brush score risk is right for that company or not.  If the company finds the brush score to be an undesirable one based on their underwriting standards, then they can either drop, non renew or rate up the homeowners’ insurance policy.

Being with a company that is or has become the wrong fit for your Carlsbad brush home can make obtaining and retaining brush home insurance difficult.

That’s where we come in.  At Lanni Insurance of California, we have dozens of A-rated brush home insurance carriers for your home or rental property in Carlsbad, San Diego, or even California.  We have worked ceaselessly since 2008 to help insure homes in Carlsbad’s brush areas with

The vast majority of insurance agents are not brush experts and in fact know very little about brush.  At Lanni Insurance, we have made brush insurance our mission.  Our knowledge of brush insurance practices is broad, complex, and grows each day with the dozens of new brush insurance policies we write from Carlsbad up the state.

Call the Carlsbad brush insurance experts at Lanni Insurance today at 760-815-7563 or email us at  We look forward to showing you just how easy obtaining home insurance in a brush area can be.