Located at the southern edge of Carlsbad, Lanni Insurance of California specializes in offering Carlsbad home insurance, auto insurance, brush area homeowners insurance, business insurance, health insurance, and much more to homeowners in and around Carlsbad, California.

Whether you need Carlsbad home insurance for a home you live in or an investment property you rent out, the licensed experts at Lanni Insurance can help you get great, premium home insurance coverage at a great price with our A-rated home insurance companies.

We have helped many Carlsbad homeowners find brush and wild fire insurance, specialty home insurance, new home insurance, and simply shop for better coverage.

Since 2008 we have helped thousands of Californians from Carlsbad, surrounding North County San Diego, and the rest of the state find the perfect home insurance for their home or rental properties with minimum work on the client’s part.

Our agents comb through clients existing home insurance policies and correct inaccuracies in coverage and issue new home policies with accurate coverage levels, often saving clients money up front as well as in the event of that type of loss.

We are the go to brokerage for realtors and mortgage brokers in Carlsbad and throughout the state who know the fast, complete, and accurate service we provide to their homeowner clients.  And we are proud to work with realtors and mortgage banks on a daily basis to find coverage for every Carlsbad home and push the home insurance policy through escrow ensuring a smooth close of escrow on our insurance side for every client.

So if you’re searching for Carlsbad home insurance, give Lanni Insurance of California a call to get the right insurance for your home or rental property the first time.  Our agents are waiting to get all of your insurance needs handled fully, accurately, and as quickly as possible.  Call us today at 760-815-7563 or email us at info@lanniinsurance.com