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Carlsbad Insurance

Carlsbad Insurance

Carlsbad Insurance

Carlsbad Insurance  760-815-7563  If you are looking for insurance in Carlsbad, CA then look no further than Lanni Insurance of California.  Located at the juncture of Carlsbad, Encinitas, and San Marcos, Lanni Insurance is centrally located for all of North County San Diego.  We specialize in writing the beach zones and brush zones of Southern California and our Carlsbad neighbors.

We write personal lines of insurance including: home, condo, townhome, renters, landlord, high value home, auto/car, boat, motorcycle, ATV, RV, luxury automobile, dog liability, health, dental, vision, term life, whole life, long term care, & much more.

We also specialize in commercial insurance for small to large businesses and everything in between.  Our business lines of insurance include: Business Liability, Business Owners Policy, Business Contents, Slip & Fall, Group Health, Employee Benefits, Group Life, Group Long Term Care, Workers’ Compensation, & much more.

Combining several of these policies with our agency can give you large discounts on multiple lines of insurance, including many stackable discounts.  We also offer discounts for professionals and specific college degrees, including:  science degrees, engineers, pilots, doctors, surgeons, nurses, police officers, firemen, real estate agents, teachers, college professors, speech therapists, lawyers, judges, and many many more.

Contact us today at 760-815-7563 or, we look forward to helping you the way we’ve helped so many other Carlsbad home and business owners!

Carlsbad Insurance

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Carlsbad Insurance

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Carlsbad Insurance


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