The Realtors’ Choice

• We can insure every home!

• We insure all types and sizes of residences!

• We accept all fire classes, brush zones, and slope classifications!

• Under insured? Over insured? Both are bad news but very common!

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• Don’t take time out of your work day with a call center – enjoy our 24 hr claims!
• More discounts than any other company!
• Better Prices on Higher Coverage – Be Rewarded for Being Responsible!

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• General Liability insurance can help protect your business!

• Total Comprehensive Coverage! Don’t let gaps in coverage threaten your business!

• Our personal agents provide custom service for your business’ specific needs.

• Fed up with fees? We offer fewer or NO fees!

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• We can insure any size group from 2 – 100+
• Have you experienced rate increases? Do you lack coverage from changing jobs?
• No underwriting for groups! Prescriptions or conditions? not a problem!
• The best plans for growing families!
• Confused about coverages? We explain it to you!
• The low cost alternative to COBRA!

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• Lowest Term Life Cost!

• Up to 40% off on Long Term Care for Couples! Brokered for lowest rates!

• We consistently save you money on older policies!

• Whole Life

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