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Condo HO6 Insurance San Diego, California

Condo Insurance in San Diego, California  760-815-7563  At Lanni Insurance, we have extensive experience with condo insurance in San Diego.  Whether you call it Condo Insurance, Townhouse Insurance, or HO6 Insurance, we can provide you with a quick and accurate quote for your Condo or Townhome.

Many people, even many professionals, get confused when deciding between a walls-in condo insurance policy or a complete condo insurance policy.  What you need depends on whether you HOA covers the outside of your building or not.  Many HOAs don’t know what exactly their master policy covers and can mislead condo owners into purchasing too much or more often too little insurance coverage for their specific condos, leading the owners into possible trouble with their mortgage companies, tenants, and neighbors.  At Lanni Insurance, our job as condo insurance experts is to help you and them decipher what coverage you need and what coverage you already have.  Then we can place you quickly and cost-efficiently into a condo policy that is just right for your specific coverage situation.  We’re good at it and we’re quick at deciphering what you need. Whether you live in your condo or rent it out, we will do our best to provide coverage what what you are looking for.  For a quote give us a call or e-mail anytime.   760-815-7563

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Condo Insurance in San Diego, California

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