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Earthquake Insurance

Earthquake Insurance

Earthquake Insurance

760-815-7563  Earthquake Insurance in California at Lanni Insurance of California.  We are registered with the California Earthquake Authority and participate every year in their trained MVP program to make earthquake insurance more visible and accessible for California residents.  Your earthquake insurance will be in good hands with Lanni Insurance of California!

Did you know that your regular homeowners insurance policy doesn’t cover damage to your home due to earthquakes?  An affordable earthquake insurance policy with Lanni Insurance is just the answer for California property owners who want to protect their assets in the event they experience structural damage from one of California’s earthquakes.

Contact us today to learn more and get a fast free quote on your California Earthquake Insurance!  Join the happy family of Lanni Insurance of California earthquake and home insurance policy holders and see why Lanni Insurance are the experts!  760-815-7563

Earthquake Insurance

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Earthquake Insurance

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Earthquake Insurance 760-815-7563

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Earthquake Insurance

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