Earthquake Insurance in San Elijo Hills

Earthquake Insurance in San Elijo Hills

In California, because the likelihood of a large earthquake is so high and the results could be so catastrophic (fires, electrical outages, flooding, and other perils often follows these quakes and cause more damage than the quake itself) that while some insurance companies have limited coverage available through their policies for an extra premium, most insurance companies only write Earthquake Insurance through a separate entity – the California Earthquake Authority (CEA.)

With that knowledge combined with personal experience of damage to San Diego homes from earthquakes that happen in other cities, let alone our own, feel that Earthquake Insurance is an important product for homeowners in San Elijo Hills and throughout the county.

California Earthquake Authority

While earthquake insurance typically does have a high deductible compared to a homeowners insurance policy, it is far better to be prepared in case of a total loss due to earthquake which could you leave you with hundreds and thousands of dollars worth of damage to your home in San Elijo and the rest of the state.

You can buy your CEA policy through Lanni Insurance or through your local insurance agent if he or she is appointed to sell it.

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