After Health Care Reform passed, close to all Americans are required to purchase health insurance.  This can be daunting to people who have never purchased health insurance before or who have only ever had it through their parents or job.  Lanni Insurance of California can help take the pressure off and get you set up with little effort in the right health insurance policy for you, your family, or your business.

We take the confusion out of searching through and applying for health insurance by answering our clients’ questions and explaining the process and plans in a straightforward and friendly way that our clients appreciate.

We help many people find Encinitas health insurance on a daily basis.  And even though we are conveniently located where Encinitas meets La Costa, for our clients’ added convenience we do most health insurance business entirely over the phone or via email.  Our office is always open and staffed during business hours to help our clients but the vast majority of them find it infinitely easier to handle their health insurance business with our staff’s help from the comfort of their own home or office.

We are appointed with all the major California health insurance companies and can guide Encinitans looking for the right North County health care providers to which health insurance companies are contracted with Scripps versus Sharp, and more so their doctors are covered and their commute for health care is minimized.

We are also Covered California certified with the Exchange and have had much experience guiding clients through the California state health exchange including helping decipher which level of aid they qualify for to gain affordable health insurance and avoid tax penalties for being uninsured.

Best of all our services are free and at the same low cost as going direct through the insurance carrier direct or through an online aggregator site – only we do so much more for our clients!  We spend the hours on the phone with the carriers getting your health insurance questions answered – so you don’t have to.  We shop our client’s health insurance plan every renewal to make sure they are getting the best plan and price they qualify for.  And we keep in touch so they don’t have to, quickly, efficiently, and effectively.

So if you are one of our many neighbors looking for Encinitas health insurance, call Lanni Insurance’s top staff today and let us help you choose the right health insurance policy for you.  Call us at 760-815-7563 or email us at  And let us help you with what we’re best at!