Lanni Insurance of California specializes in Escondido brush insurance and has since 2008.  We are located in North County San Diego on the border of Escondido and San Marcos in San Elijo Hills next to Elfin Forest and Harmony Grove.  We have helped many Escondido brush homeowners find the right brush home insurance company for their primary residence or rental property in Escondido.

Escondido has several rural areas and so has many brush and wildfire risk areas.  The first important thing to realize for many of our clients is that each home is different.  Two next door neighbors can have completely different brush scores, slope ratings, and even be in two completely different brush zones because fire maps meander based on geography and a number of other requirements.  Thus the same two neighbors can have completely different rates for their brush home insurance.  Or one may need brush insurance and one may not.

Different companies will rank even the same address completely differently, based on their own underwriting guidelines and policies.  This is why at Lanni Insurance we have dozens of A-rated California home carriers that we have developed relationships with over our years in business.

Not only do we quote each of these companies for our Escondido brush insurance clients but we do our homework with the underwriters beforehand so the likelihood of your home being dropped, non-insured, or rated-up once you have a Lanni Insurance brush home insurance policy is minimized.

Most non brush expert insurance agencies and brokerages do not take this crucial step!  This can put your escrow at risk, and leave you under-insured or uninsured.

We work directly with many realtors throughout Escondido, the greater San Diego area, and the state, to insure brush area homes like yours in Escondido and to ensure that each home is insured properly so that the mortgage bank’s requirements are satisfied quickly and comprehensively.  We work with dozens of mortgage banks consistently so our practices are quick, accurate, and painless for our customers and their associated realtors and lenders.

When you have a brush insurance need the first name you should think of is Lanni Insurance of California.  We are your brush home insurance partners in California.  And we look forward to helping you – call 760-815-7563 or email to speak to our brush experts and get your brush homeowners insurance needs taken care of quickly and comprehensively.