Fire Season 2011 Has Begun

Fire Season 2011 Has Begun

Fire Season 2011 has begun and our firefighter friends and families are feeling the effects of being called into action to save homes and lives.

At Lanni Insurance we grew up in high fire and high brush zones and watched wildfires come to our county often.  Lauren went with her mom as a kid to bring cookies and baked goods to the firefighters every Christmas to thank them for being our heroes.  And that’s not something we have forgotten.

We now specialize in home insurance for high brush zones throughout the state of California.  We have never been unable to find home insurance for a client who has been dropped by their home insurer or had trouble finding home insurance for their high brush zone home to begin with.  If you have had trouble finding home insurance in California or live in a high brush zone in CA then let us help you find insurance and save.

We also offer discount home and auto insurance to firefighters and we love having them as clients.  If you know a firefighter, let them know they get 12% off their autos and 5% off their homes – and tell them we said “Thank you.”

Please don’t hesitate to call or e-mail us at 760-815-7563 or  Even if you just have questions!  We love to help and want to make sure that everyone knows what their insurance policy covers and where it can be improved.  You can see testimonials from our happy clients on our page – and if you become one of our happy clients we would love to feature a testimonial from you on our page too!

Don’t forget to leave a message on our line if we can’t get to the phone the first time – and we will call you right back!

We offer 24/7 service to our clients and our goal is to make their insurance buying experience not just great but excellent!

Best,  Lauren & Dave

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