Health Insurance in California

Health Insurance in California

Are you looking for California health insurance?  We can help!

We understand that the changing tides of health care continuing to change now that health care reform has passed.  Changes in health insurance policies and health insurance companies can happen daily and we’re here to keep abreast of those changes so we can inform you, our client.

Our health agent services for California clients are always free and you can visit our health insurance page on this website to fill out a direct quote from Anthem Blue Cross, Blue Shield, or Aetna, by clicking on one of the three blue buttons at the top of the page.

Once you choose a plan add it to your cart and once you ‘check out’ you can create an account and apply!  Make sure the agent listed is ‘Lauren Lanni’ and I will be your designated agent at no cost.   Remember, we can only be your health insurance agent if you live in the state of California!

Keep in mind that prescription medications, health conditions and other issues may cause your premium to be rated up!  If you need maternity or another coverage – make sure to pick a plan that features that coverage!  If you need dental or life insurance, you can add it during the application process.

Make sure when filling out the forms you have your doctor visit info nearby and enter dates with two to four digits (ie. ’02/01/2011′ instead of ‘2/1/11’.)  A placeholder payment to the company will be required in order to submit your application.

If you have any extra questions, please don’t hesitate to e-mail or call us.  And leave a message if we are out of the office and we will call you back right away!  (760)815-7563 or

In Good Health,

Lauren & Dave

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