Home Insurance in San Elijo Hills, Discovery Hills & Rancho Carrillo

Home Insurance in San Elijo Hills, Discovery Hills & Rancho Carrillo

Three of the areas in San Diego we have been seeing home owners being dropped or having difficulty finding home insurance are San Elijo Hills in San Marcos, Discovery Hills in San Marcos, and Rancho Carrillo in Carlsbad.  Your zip codes maybe 92078, 92069, 92008, 92009 and others.

We insure dozens of homes in California’s  high brush zones every month and we have never been unable to find a home coverage.  We live and work in a high brush and wildfire zone and we know the special needs and challenges high brush zone homes have in CA.

If you are a homeowner in one of these areas or any of the high brush zone areas in California please do not hesitate to call us because at Lanni Insurance we are your High Brush Zone and New Home Experts.  We walk the walk for our many clients in California brush and wildfire zones and our prices are as competitive as they get.

We are available 24/7 so please don’t hesitate to give us a call or e-mail us for your home insurance needs.  (760)815-7563 or info@californiainsurancequotesonline.com

Don’t forget to leave us a message – if we cannot pick up your call we will call you back right away.  We look forward to helping and to hearing from you soon.     ~  Lauren & Dave

Home Insurance in San Marcos, Carlsbad & San Diego
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