Landlord Insurance for California

Landlord Insurance for California

Lanni Insurance of California’s landlord insurance policies cover you whether your property is a rental home, condo, or a multi unit apartment complex.

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Landlord insurance in California is can have several obstacles but at Lanni Insurance we are experts in overcoming them quickly, affordably, and easily with our help.  If your property is located in a high fire area or hazardous brush zone, we’ve got you covered there too.  We are brush experts within the state of California and we cover rental properties throughout the state in wildfire zones and many other locales that may have difficulty obtaining insurance normally. If you do need a California Fair Plan policy, we can offer the Fair Plan as well as a wraparound policy to cover those perils that the Fair Plan doesn’t.

If you have been recently dropped by your carrier or your company is not able to change your home from a primary home to a rental, give us a call or email and we will see what we can do to help.

Live out of state?  No problem!  Everything that needs to be done can be done remotely via email, fax, and phone.  We have dozens of clients who live out of area, state, or country whose homes and properties we service every day of the year.

For our clients convenience, we also offer a full range of both personal and business insurance lines, including:

Home Insurance

Business Insurance

General Liability

Workers Compensation Insurance

Group Health Insurance

Life Insurance

Motorcycle Insurance

RV Insurance

Boat Insurance

Commercial Bonds

Umbrella Insurance

HOA Insurance

Restaurant Insurance

Commercial Auto Insurance

& Much More

Call Lanni Insurance of California today to get a free quote on any of your California landlord insurance needs and see why Lanni Insurance of California insures so many California landlords.  760-815-7563