Last Day for 2016 Health Insurance!


Last Day for 2016 Health Insurance!

Today marks the last day to obtain health insurance during Open Enrollment for 2016.  The minimum tax penalties for going without insurance have risen again this year.

Our office participated in Covered California’s Health Insurance Thunderclap a campaign to promote Open Enrollment awareness through a giant posting about the final days of Open Enrollment across all social media.

If you got coverage before the deadline but did not assign your free Covered CA or private health agent, you can still gain our help when adding us as your Covered CA or private health agent.  On the Covered CA website, log in, then go to the drop down menu in the top corner of your screen, you can click on the agent option and in one easy step add Lauren Lanni and the Lanni Insurance of California agency as your free agent.  Your price does not change, licensed California health insurance agent help is your right.

This allows us to help you make changes, fix billing issues, and offer our advice about your healthcare options.

If you haven’t gotten health insurance, there still may be some qualifying events that allow you to enroll throughout the year.  Contact our office to see if you qualify or to get added to our contact list for help for next year.

It is our pleasure to help you whether you need personal, family, or business health insurance.  We also help with vision, dental, and life insurance.

Thunderclap! Jan. 31 is the last day!

From the Thunderclap website:

Did you know?

  • More than 2 million Californians have gotten health coverage with Covered California’s help
  • Since Covered CA’s beginning, the California uninsured rate has dropped to 8.6% from 17%?
  • Over half of Covered CA members were covered for under $100/mo!
  • 89% = the number of enrollees who saved an average of $300/mo with Covered CA
  • 90% = members who are eligible for aid in the form of tax credits or cost reductions


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