For those homeowners who are considering buying a new home or rental property in one of Oceanside’s brush areas and need a high brush home insurance policy, give the Lanni Insurance of California office a call.  Conveniently located in North County Coastal San Diego, our office is one of the leading brush specialty brokerages in the state.  We help home buyers and homeowners all over San Diego and throughout California find the insurance carrier that is right for their home.

Since we opened our doors in 2008, writing home insurance policies for homes with special insurance requirements like brush score and slope has been our specialty.  Many areas of North County require an educated eye advising on the purchase of their insurance policy due to proximity of the home to brush, wildfire score, nearby beaches or hills, and more.  We provide that hassle-free to our brush area clients as well as quotes on non-brush risk homes, autos, businesses, health insurance and more for maximum client convenience.

Lanni Insurance has developed relationships over the years with dozens of A-rated California brush insurance companies and we utilize those relationships to our clients’ full benefit.  Unlike many non-brush expert agencies and brokerages who can cause the clients escrow to fall through due to lack of effort and expertise, at Lanni Insurance we check with the underwriters and underwriting guidelines at each company ahead of time and don’t just force a policy through with the wrong company – that ends in non-renewals, dropped policies or massive rate ups due to brush score.

Our quotes on Oceanside brush insurance are fast, free, and competitively-priced.  They offer comprehensive coverage and our friendly and expert staff checks with dozens of carriers.  So go where the realtors and loan officers go – Lanni Insurance.  Call us today at 760-815-7563 or email us at  We are here to help you find your best brush insurance policy.