Off Road Vehicle Insurance ATV/UTV/Motorbike

Off Road Vehicle Insurance ATV/UTV/Motorbike

At Lanni Insurance, we can help insure your Off-Road Vehicle. Whether it is a dirt bike, dune buggy, golf cart, ATV, or UTV, we can find a policy that will cover you and your toys.

There are many options for coverage for your off-road vehicle including liability coverage which is similar to auto insurance as well as optional equipment coverage, and comprehensive and collision coverage in case your off-road vehicle is stolen or damaged in a collision.

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There are also multi-policy discounts so you the more you have, the more you will save on your off-road vehicles as well as motorcycles, motor homes, and trailers. Flexible payment options are also available if you would prefer to pay monthly rather than all at one time.

We can help all over the state of California. If you would like a quote, send us an e-mail today at or call (760)815-7563. We look forward to getting you a quote for your off-road vehicle.