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Open Enrollment Is Over But Vision Insurance Is Still Available

Open Enrollment Is Over But Vision Insurance Is Still Available

Thousands of people signed up for new health insurance during this Open Enrollment period, and in the heat of signing up for health insurance with can be confusing they forgot an important coverage – vision insurance.

If this sounds like you, and your or your spouse or child will be needing glasses or an eye exam this year, you still can save $100s of dollars with one of our great vision plans.

We personally buy this insurance for ourselves after needing glasses updates and vision exams – a super important part of your holistic health and wellness care.  It has saved us over a thousand dollars so far.

So please, if you need new glasses or an eye exam, we can get this insurance set up in minutes and processed in just a few business days so you can head to the optometrist quickly and be on your way to better vision immediately.

Call or email the office at 760-815-7563 or  We look forward to helping you with this easy, money saving coverage.





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