Pizzeria Insurance in California

Pizza Restaurant Insurance California

Pizzeria Insurance in California

Pizzeria & Pizza Restaurant Insurance in California from Lanni Insurance of California   Call 760-815-7563 or info@lanniinsurance.com

Lanni Insurance of California are specialists in the field of restaurant insurance.  Agent Dave comes from a big Italian family of restauranteurs and restaurant finance specialists – so we know restaurants!  We have many restaurant and restaurant chain clients in California and they love that we understand their business and are able to help with all aspects as they pertain to insurance.

We can help California pizza restaurant and pizza chain owners with the following types of  insurance coverages:

General Liability

Small Group Health Insurance

Business Life Insurance

Partnership Insurance

Workers’ Compensation Insurance


Slip & Fall

Business Auto

Commercial Real Estate

Commercial Bonds

Freezer Coverage

Mechanical Breakdown

Loss of Income


& Much More!

Our California Pizzeria clients love that we provide premium coverage for their pizza restaurants at bargain prices with excellent service by knowledgeable professionals.  If your agent doesn’t specialize in restaurant insurance, they shouldn’t be insuring your restaurant!  Call Lanni Insurance of California to insure your California pizza restaurant today!

We look forward to helping you get excellent and affordable insurance coverage for your California pizzeria or pizza restaurant.  Call today – 760-815-7563 or info@lanniinsurance.com


Dave & Lauren Lanni

Lanni Insurance of California

Pizzeria Insurance in California
Pizzeria Insurance in California

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