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San Diego Fire Insurance

San Diego Fire Insurance

San Diego Fire Insurance


San Diego has had several major fires over the past few decades so we can sometimes have a few more hoops to jump through when it comes to getting fire insurance for our homes and rental properties.  This doesn’t mean it has to be difficult – at Lanni Insurance of California we specialize in writing fire insurance policies for areas of high brush or wildfire risk.  This risk can be called different things depending on the company that you are working with but some of the more common terms are: high brush risk, high fire risk, hazardous brush, hazard insurance, wildfire score, brush score, SHIA, slope, canyon, and more.  Whatever the term, we help homeowners like you find great insurance every day.

Our expert team has dozens of fire insurance contacts for San Diego homes and homes throughout the state of California.  They are A-rated and admitted in California and we have spent nearly a decade building our close relationships with these carriers.  Our vast knowledge of brush and fire insurance in this area is updated daily with the many fire area homes we work to insure each day.

We can work quickly and remotely via phone or email, so if you have been told that you need fire insurance for a hazardous brush or wildfire or any reason we can help you get insurance quickly and comprehensively.  Call the Lanni Insurance of California team today – we look forward to helping you find the right insurer for your home!  760-815-7563  or

San Diego Fire Insurance

brush insurance

Fire Insurance for your Home 760-815-7563

San Diego Fire Insurance

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San Diego Fire Insurance
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