San Diego Home Insurance – All of San Diego County

San Diego Home Insurance – All of San Diego County

Owning a home in San Diego county is one of the most rewarding and exclusive things a homeowner can accomplish.   At Lanni insurance, that home is protected by A-rated insurance companies and an agency that offers its clientele white glove treatment.

As San Diegans, Dave and Lauren Lanni know this beautiful place backwards and forwards.  They know its fire history, its brush zones and slopes, they know the history of insurance in San Diego and California as a whole, and they know what San Diegan’s are looking for whether they live on the coast, in the suburbs, urban centers, or rural areas.

They offer a full range of insurance products from home and auto, to business insurance and workers’ comp, to health, life and long term care.  They know San Diego is an active city full of people who enjoy the outdoors, so they also offer Yacht, Boat, ATV, Motorcycle, RV, Water Ski, Snowmobile, and any other number of recreational vehicle insurance.

San Diego is a prosperous city but San Diegans like value too.  Lanni Insurance offers more discounts than any other insurance company, from multiline discounts from budling insurance policies (home/auto, multiple autos, home/life, auto/renters/life, business/home/workers comp,) to new home or newly renovated home (within 10 years,) to safety features and alarms, and substantial professional discounts and college degree discounts (for teachers, doctors, nurses, lawyers, science degrees, engineers, police officers, firefighters, and many more.)

Call Lanni Insurance today to insure your San Diego home, autos or business.  Let them help you save with better coverage the way they’ve helped so many other San Diegans!  760-815-7563 or


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