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San Diego Renters Insurance

San Diego Renters Insurance

San Diego Renters Insurance

San Diego Renters Insurance  760-815-7563  Renters Insurance in San Diego is just a phone call or email away with Lanni Insurance of California.  We serve all of San Diego county, all of Southern California, and all of the state of California.  Renters insurance is an important, affordable coverage that is required for most rentals and protects the renter and the landlord for a truly fractional cost.  Whether you are renting a home, an apartment, a studio, a townhome, or a condo, Lanni Insurance has your affordable and comprehensive renters insurance in minutes at a very low monthly rate.

At Lanni Insurance, we specialize in providing San Diego renters insurance to renters all over the county at an affordable price for great coverage.  Our policies are more inclusive than most of the policies you will see and we are extremely adept at advising renters and potential renters on the different options available for renters insurance, what renters insurance policies cover, and what level of specific coverage you need.

We work with rental offices everyday to provide proof of renters insurance in minutes so renters can move in to their new homes without delay or losing deposits.  Our team of trained specialists will get your required policy paperwork to your landlord immediately so you can sleep easy!

Our San Diego Renters Insurance policies also cover almost every breed of dog so you and your landlord or apartment complex know that your pup is covered!  Call us today to get a fast quote and policy for your San Diego renters insurance needs – we look forward to helping you!  760-81-57563

San Diego Renters Insurance

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San Diego Renters Insurance

california renters insurance

San Diego Renters Insurance 760-815-7563

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San Diego Renters Insurance

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