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San Diego Restaurant Insurance

San Diego Restaurant Insurance

San Diego Restaurant Insurance is just a phone call away to Lanni Insurance of California.  This San Diego based insurance team writes San Diego Restaurant insurance and restaurant insurance throughout the state of California with the largest and typically most affordable insurer of restaurants in the state of California.

Agent David comes from a restaurant background so we know all sides of the San Diego restaurant industry: management, finance, and especially insurance.  So we know what it takes to insure your San Diego Restaurant properly!

We also offer Liability, EPLI, Sexual Harassment, Hiring and Firing, Health, Workers Compensation, Restaurant property, Business Auto, Commercial Restaurant Bonds, and anything else a successful and well protected San Diego Restauranteur could need on the insurance side of things!

Call Lanni Insurance of California for your San Diego Restaurant Insurance needs today!  Let us help you with your San Diego Restaurant like we’ve helped so many others!  760-815-7563 or

Takes about 15 min to get you all set up!


Dave & Lauren Lanni

Lanni Insurance of California


California Restaurant Insurance

San Diego Restaurant Insurance


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