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Sidewalk Sundays in San Elijo Hills

Fun news, San Elijo!  Guess who’s the new Event Committee Chair for the San Elijo Hills Foundation?  That’s right, c’est moi!  Your lovable local insurance agent.

Sidewalk Sunday San Elijo Hills

San Elijo Hills Foundation's Sidewalk Sunday Event

I will be helping organize the Sidewalk Sundays event for the new Buy Local campaign in here in San Elijo Hills.  Our first event is on March 13th and we’ll have the Farmers CCV (a.k.a. the big Daddy truck we use to feed people after a fire, or at big events) and we’ll be cooking up hot dogs and passing out lots of great information and freebies from our Farmers tent.

Contact me if you’d like to be a part of our next event!

Sidewalk Sundays Are Here!

Come check out the deals and sales from San Elijo Hills' vendors!

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