New home buyers in high brush areas as well as existing homeowners who have had their home non-renewed, dropped, or rated up due to changing brush and wildfire scores can call one place first when looking for Solana Beach brush insurance, the brush area experts at Lanni Insurance of California.  Our local North County Coastal office is minutes from Solana Beach and we specialize in the beach, brush, and slope home insurance policies homeowners in that area need.

We know Solana Beach forwards and backwards as well as it’s unique insurance needs, it’s the reason so many local realtors and loan officers refer us to their clients who are purchasing new homes to us, and even their sellers who are looking to make their homes extra desirable by having the correct brush insurance carrier picked out ahead of time for their buyers.  We provide quick, free quotes on competitively-priced, comprehensive brush insurance coverage.

But you don’t have to be buying a home in a brush area to need our services, many of our clients come to us because they thought they had home insurance but their insurance was doubled or even tripled out of the blue, sometimes they are getting non-renewed at the end of their term, and sometimes they are even getting dropped halfway through or as soon as a month into their current policy.  This can and should be avoided by dealing with the experts from square one.  We can help.

It’s what sets us apart from all the non-brush insurance specialist agencies and brokerages out there just hoping to force a brush area home into a non-brush coverage policy – they save time at the client’s long term expense.  At Lanni Insurance we want you to be a client for life, and that means we check with underwriters before placing your home, saving you time and money.

If the easy, professional, friendly service at Lanni Insurance sounds like what you’re looking for then give us a call today and let us find you the right brush insurance for your Solana Beach home or rental property.  Remember for your convenience we also offer many other lines of insurance as well as discounts.  760-815-7563