Do you feel like you see stories and updates about Health Care Reform on the news but when you go to apply suddenly you’re stumbling in the dark?  You’re not alone – many of the people we hear from feel like they have no clue how to go about buying health insurance for the first time on their one.  And to add to it, it’s a requirement that there are tax penalties for not fulfilling.  Your time is important don’t spend it worrying about health insurance or trying to figure out which policy is the best for you – we do this for many people every day.  Let us guide you on what we have helped so many people with.  Insurance is our job, not yours.  Let us help!

We keep up on all the constant changes in health insurance industry so you don’t have to – so let us do the work for you while you save time, energy and oftentimes money.  Our office is conveniently located in coastal North County San Diego just minutes from Solana Beach but even better, we take care of the vast majority of our clients entirely online and over the phone – so you can get the coverage you need with expert help, right from your home.

Health Care Reform means every American, with very few exceptions, must purchase health insurance for themselves and their families, and sometimes for their employees.  Do you know if you qualify for tax credits?  Do you know how to apply them?  We can help!  Our office is appointed with all the major health carriers in California and we are certified with the Covered California Exchange.  Our help is free, lowest cost to you, and hassle-free.  We offer far more help to our clients than the lack of added benefits you get from going direct through the carrier or through a health insurance website aggregator – only at the same lowest cost.

So when you’re ready to buy Solana Beach health insurance or shop around for your family or business, call Lanni Insurance today and let us show you how easy shopping for health insurance can be!  Give us a call at 760-815-7563 or email our friendly office staff at – when it comes to health insurance, we’re here to help!