In California brush scores are consistently evolving and the brush underwriting guidelines that most home insurance companies have are changing with them.  It can be confusing but at Lanni Insurance of California, we have made it our mission since 2008 to be your first and last stop for brush area home insurance in San Diego and throughout the length and breadth of the state.

If you are looking for Vista brush insurance there are several things you should know.   You’re looking for us because Vista has a unique topography that includes brush and wildfire score areas, hills, slopes, canyons, and more.  You don’t have to live next to brush to be considered in a brush zone.  And no two addresses are exactly the same.  In fact, next door neighbors can and often do have significantly differing brush scores.  Almost always they have different premiums, often they are only insurable through different companies, and sometimes one is in a brush zone and the other is not.  This can cause confusion when neighbors talk about what insurance company they are with or what premium they are paying, but brush experts know and should explain to you, that due to the meandering nature of brush boundaries, because your neighbor’s home has a certain brush score doesn’t mean your home has it too.

Visit, email or call our local North County Coastal based home insurance office, we are located where Vista meets San Marcos so we know the specific insurance requirements that Vista residents need when it comes to buying brush homeowners insurance.  Our specialties are brush, slope, and wildfire insurance but for our clients’ convenience we also offer insurance for other homes and properties, businesses, autos, health, and more.

We have A-rated carriers so many realtors and loan officers refer their brush and new home clients our way because we have a quality product and a good price and we know how to get it done right, the first time.  Don’t put yourself through the experience of having a non-brush expert try to write a regular home insurance policy for a brush area home.  Go with the best!  Call Lanni Insurance today at 760-815-7563 or send us an email at  Our friendly staff is waiting to help you!