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Wildfire Insurance

Wildfire Insurance

Wildfire Insurance

Wildfire Insurance  For affordable wildfire home insurance in California call Lanni Insurance today.  Our homeowners and dwelling insurance policies are good for wild fire homes, brush fire, hazardous brush, high risk homes, and high fire area homes.  This includes homes that are near canyons, on slopes, and in SHIA or hazard zones.

We check with multiple companies before giving you a ‘yes’ so you don’t waste your time and energy on any company that isn’t perfect for your fire area home or brush property. We also work with the California Fair Plan if there are no other options and can provide a Fair Plan quote as well as a ‘wraparound’ policy to offer coverage for perils that the Fair Plan does not cover.

We also get asked to write a variety of clients’ other insurance policies as we are a full lines insurance agency.  Our other insurance specialties include: new home insurance, rental home insurance, business insurance, auto insurance, umbrella insurance, landlord insurance, boat insurance, motorcycle insurance, atv insurance, RV insurance, life insurance, commercial auto insurance, and much much more.

Find out why the experts at Lanni Insurance are the agents of choice for so many of California’s brush area homes, condos, and properties.  E-mail Lanni Insurance of California at today for a free quote on your home or   call   760-815-7563

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Wildfire Insurance

wild fire insurance california

Wildfire Insurance 760-815-7563

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Wildfire Insurance

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Wildfire Insurance

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